© 2012 ARCANDA RECORDS Follow us on Arcanda is a musical project created in 2000 by the musicians from Zaragoza Javier & Beatriz Alcalde. The word “Arcanda” defines his musical universe. As an assemble of six members (including musicians Raquel Agudo, Cecilia Grilló, Pilar Val and Miguel Armero) Arcanda recorded their first album “El Orden del Tiempo” (”The order of time”) for Delicias Discográficas in 2002, being published in 2003. That same year they were part of the series of concerts “Campaña de las Artes Escénicas” supported by the Aragonese Governement. Then, a seventh member, Tony Oscar, joined them for those concerts. In 2004 they recorded two new songs in the compilation of young new bands called  “Música 1” (”Music 1”)(Producciones SinCompasiones) supported by the Zaragoza City Council, and they played in some festivals like “12 lunas de otoño”, “12 lunas de verano”, “+ horas”, “Aperta Universidad”. They played in the local television too. In 2005, Javier Alcalde began his solo career, and edited his first solo album in 2007, “Esta es la noche” (This is the night”) (Arcanda Records). In 2012 a new album “Otro amanecer” (”Another dawn”)(Arcanda Records) is published. In 2013 they win a contest in facebook and a song of them composed especially for this contest and called “Del amor y otras desgracias” is selected to be part of the movie “El amor y otras desgracias” sound track. In 2015 they have released a new album, “Pop Rock Pop Core”. Arcanda is: Javier Alcalde: vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, bass & programming. Beatriz Alcalde: acoustic & electric bass, fretless bass & double bass. Javier Alcalde was born in Zaragoza. He has studied  Spanish guitar and bass in the Public School of   Music and Dance in Zaragoza, and electric guitar with  the jazz musicians Marcelo Escrich and Alonso   Martinez. He taught himself to play keyboard.  Besides Arcanda, he has played Spanish and   acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and other instruments   in the Schol Of Music and Dance Orchestra, bass in  the jazz big band “Dubadú Band”, and bass in the  progressive rock band Deneb.  He has also played in a lot of concerts, gigs and jam  sessions. Beatriz Alcalde was born in Zaragoza. She started to study Spanish guitar when she was 10, and later on she taught herself to play bass. She has also studied flamenco (Spanish guitar & percussion) with the musicians Alejandro Monserrat and Nacho Estevez. Besides Arcanda, she was the bass player in the blues band “Green Band of Blues”, playing in a lot of concerts. She plays also bass on the Arabian and jazz fusion band Ghnawa. She is a dancer too, and she has been part of the New Generation Azahar Dance Company, directed by Antonia Azahara.